Mom’s Boy

This is a fine story from Anel Viz, with two beautiful illustrations by Eve le Dez.  Because it was longer than usual, it was originally published in two parts over issues 10 & 11.  This is the first time you can read the story as a unit.

What did Hal look like now?  He’d missed him at Christmas.  He must have grown up a lot in the past year.  College does that.  He’d always looked a lot like his sister — same eyes, same hair — and she was a knockout.  Same smile, too, except Hal smiled more.  Soccer, too.  Good sport, that.  Made you look muscular, but not muscle-bound.  Alfred had always found him attractive.  He didn’t fantasize about him or anything, but he knew what kind of attraction it was.  He’d known since… how long?  Hal couldn’t have been much over twelve.  No, then it had registered that the kid was cute and would be a very handsome man someday, that’s all.  The attraction had come later, after he’d realized a thing or two about himself.

Read it here.


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