Three reviews from our archives

My Movie by David Pratt, reviewd by Piet Bach, from issue 11.

Pratt is an accomplished writer, revealing his characters layer by layer as their stories unfold, alert to the details of scene and language that bring a story alive before our minds’ eyes, and it is a real pleasure to read his work.  The stories in My Movie are compact and vivid, and with a renewed appreciation for his talents I look forward to reading more of his work in coming years.

My movie











Action! Adventure! The BL Manga of Makoto Tateno, a review by Robert Tilendis, from issue 11

Visually, Tateno’s style is what I’ve taken to calling “high shoujo” — characters are willowy and androgynous, practically an archetype of the bishounen (beautiful boy) aesthetic, and while layouts are not as intuitive as those of some other artists, they flow nicely without ever falling into a “frame follows frame” rigidity.  


hero heel 1











Bob The Book, by David Pratt, reviewed by Piet Bach, from issue 10

Some years ago, I wrote a short story about books as performers, bound to silence until they are opened to read. Pratt has brilliantly succeeded on a different tack, allowing us to see how they live, how proximity and chance govern their affections as well as the effect they have on their owners, and imagining them as actors in their owners’ lives.


Bob the book


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