Our latest issue is live!

Red_head_ManThree stories, the first instalment of a serial, and 3 book reviews.

You can read it by clicking on “Issue 16” in the menu bar above.

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3 Responses to Our latest issue is live!

  1. fantasme says:

    Too cool for words … and that’s saying a lot. Marry me and let’s run away to my apartment in Paris. I promise not to cook !

    • You have an apartment in Paris? I’ll go and book the plane tickets at once!

      • fantasme says:

        I inherited it from my Grandfather … it’s ENORMOUS. It has so many rooms and hallways that my Italian friend Paolo calls it “corridor house.” I used to spend all of my time there … after my break-up (I have a sadly limited amount of experience), and along with cat and deaf neighbor (when that woman says “Frappez tres fort,” she means it!) I started coming back to New York (where I also have an apartment … yes, correct, rich family). Now, I kind of split my time between the two cities. I just need that elusive thing: a boyfriend!

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