Anel Viz

Anel Viz is a regular contributor to Wilde Oats. A native New Yorker transplanted with only mild success to the Midwest and who has spent much of life in French-speaking countries, he returned to his childhood passion of writing fiction and poetry a few years ago. He now looks forward to devoting himself to it full time, having recently retired from college teaching. He writes in a variety of genres and enjoys pushing the envelope, both in his literary experiments and his treatment of sex. In addition to his Wilde Oats stories, his publications include 5 novels, 3 novellas, 5 short stories, 3 prose poem cycles, and 3 short story anthologies, Kaleidoscope and the 2-volume Horror, Dark & Lite.

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The Memoirs of Colonel Gerard Vreilhac c. The City of Lovely Brothers - 200x300 P'tit Cadeau by Anel Viz
c. NewLives 200x300 c. Alma's Will - 200x300
c. Kaleidoscope 200x300 Horror Dark cover Horror Lite cover
c. Dancing for Jonathan c. The House in Birdgate Alley - 200x300 c. Les Ardoises - 200x300


Bryce Olson is Pregnant


The Thought Collector

Travelers & Homebodies

There are Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden


An Island Interlude

Mom’s Boy

The Frenchman

A Return to Normalcy

Alma’s Will

The Interrogation

The Fire Eaters

The Handwriting On The Wall

A Christmas Carol

An Unconventional Family


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