April 2013 (Issue 13)


♦  Currier in Somerset by John Mueter   ♦   Dark Lapis by Robert F. Gross   ♦   Epithalamion by Anel Viz   ♦   Mathematician and Muse by R.J. Astruc   ♦   Modern Maternity by Thomas Kearnes   ♦   Sam and His Gang of Four by Richard Natale   ♦   Taking a Chance on Love by Matt Brooks


♦  Honeymoon Cottage by Matt Brooks, reviewed by Stan Ridge  ♦  dr.a.g. by Christopher Logan, reviewed by Lichen Craig ♦  Day of the Dead by Erik Orrantia, a review by Piet Bach  ♦  Wages of Sin by Alex Beecroft, a review by Kit Moss  ♦  Three novellas by Jay Mountney, reviewed by Piet Bach   ♦  Silver Publishing “Love is Love” anthology, reviewed by Kit Moss   ♦  Meet Writer Shira Anthony    ♦  How to Turn a Straight Woman Into a Gay Man, by Kit Moss

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