August 2012 (Issue 11)


♦  A Little Respect by John Jay Buol   ♦   Coyote in Spring by Brian Holliday   ♦   Genuflection by Alana Voth    ♦   A Mix of Three by Christopher Johnson    ♦   Mom’s Boy  by Anel Viz    ♦   The Muscle House by Richard Natale    ♦   Quandary by Lichen Craig


♦ Les Ardoises by Anel Viz, a review by Liz Nicholson    ♦    Latin Boyz, a Review by Piet Bach   ♦   My Movie by David Pratt, reviewed by Piet Bach    ♦    New Lives by Anel Viz, reviewed by Kit Moss   ♦   Taxi Rojo by Erik Orrantia, reviewed by Piet Bach    ♦   Longhorns by V J Banis, reviewed by Stan Ridge     ♦    Action! Adventure! The BL Manga of Makoto Tateno, reviewed by Robert Tilendis

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