Caitlin Hogan

Caitlin Hogan is an artist and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. She is interested in writing and storytelling, and has always liked art that looks like something more is happening behind the scenes, as though the artwork is one scene in a story.

She mainly works in ink and watercolour, as well as digital. She creates narrative driven work and is predominately interested in drawing figures and characters, ranging from detailed and semi-realistic to simplified and slightly cartoony.

Her artworks sometimes portray a sense of sadness and regret, they are creepy or tragic thematically, but beautiful and elegant visually. She also aims to depict well developed characters with aspirations and insecurities. She is interested in the character’s internal world and what they are thinking.

Influenced by early 20th century illustration, art nouveau, and the current resurgence of this style, she likes to incorporate stylized lines and detailed decoration to her artworks. She is also influenced by digital art, comics, and animation both western and eastern.

Caitlin has exhibited in group shows and her own solo exhibition. She is currently working on an illustration commission – for ‘Tales from the Wild Wood” by Christopher Jackson-Ash.

Contact  |  Website

Illustration for Cartman by Richard Natale

Hoodie by Caitlin Hogan illustration for story Cartman - Richard Natale 2011

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