Christopher Moss

Kit Moss is a gay trans man and author of mostly historical fiction.  He lives in the Seattle area with his long time partner and their cats.  His novel, Where my Love lies dreaming, a gay historical romance set during the American Civil War, was recently published by Dreamspinner Press.

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Where My Love Lies Dreaming, novel by Christopher Moss


The Squires, a short story, illustrated by Rowan Lewgalon

Ghost in the White House, short story by Kit Moss


Silver Publishing “Love is Love” anthology, a review

Horror, Dark & Lite by Anel Viz, a review


How to Turn a Straight Woman into a Gay Man, an essay

Speculating on SF, some thoughts


Art for The Closing of Gemini Décor, 1938 by David Massengill




Art for Spider-Bait by Alex Hogan

Spider Jacket 2 chm

Artwork for Confounding Sally Dugan by Richard Natale

sally dugan illo by Christopher Moss

Artwork for Currier in Somerset by John Mueter

currier in somerset-1

Artwork for An Island Interlude by Anel Viz


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