Don Bellew


I first published my stories on the Men On The Net Erotic Stories Archives  then decided that lust was not enough and started my own Google News Group as a writer using sexual content to investigate other facets of character, personality and experience.

I grew up in the American deep south, joined the navy and trained as an engineer. I also paint and write poetry. When the steel plant I managed failed in an economic slump and my marriage ended in divorce, I moved to California where I managed an art gallery. After the death of a much loved gay partner there, I returned to the south and worked for the Postal Service.

Now retired (with three grandchildren), I write and paint instead of working. My stories often deal with men drawn into conflict with what they need and what they want to be. I write where humanity collides with the masculine role; my ideal would be to help readers see the humanity first, allowing the plumbing to become, rightly, a secondary concern.

Feedback is, as yet, my only pay, and I love discussing my stories.

Find more don bellew stories than you will want to read at my group (link below) and please, respond to any story directly to me at this email.

Google Group | Email 

Paradise Enough, a story

My Heroes, a rant

Male Sexual Fluidity: A Memoir

Almost Home

Refactoring Lucidity

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