Eve le Dez

Eve has an ongoing love affair with pencils and other art supplies – and definitely prefers Adam to prefer men anyway. Her obsession with art goes way back, a not so recent chance discovery led to her slash addiction: the combination of Tolkien’s writings, Peter Jackson’s movies and LotR slash proved to be too tempting a playground to ignore. She has played there for almost four years under the nom de plume “Nellas of Doriath”. Now, she has decided to take the step into the real world, challenging herself to draw round ears again for a change.
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Canals of Mars, by Victor J Banis

Canals of Mars

Mom’s Boy by Anel Viz



Johnny by Nikolaos Thiwerspoon


Hawk’s Flight by Brian Holliday


The Fire Eaters, by Anel Viz


Three-Quarter Moon, by Richard Natale


Christmas Eve, by Brian Holliday

(This illustration inspired  Alex Hogan to write The Third Christmas)


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