Fiction (Issue 14)

Issue 14 of Wilde Oats is a retrospective; the editors have chosen the best stories out of the many we’ve published since we started Wilde Oats nearly 5 years ago.  How did we choose?  Every submission to Wilde Oats is read by our team of editors and readers.  Each of us assigns a score, between 1 and 3, for each sub, with comments.  Then we argue, uh, discuss the merits of the submissions.  We accept for publication those which score more than 2.  After some discussion.

The tales below are the crème de la crème of some really rather good short stories and serials.  Well, not exactly: some which we would have liked to have printed here have been with withdrawn by their authors for (paid) publication elsewhere.


From issue 1:

A Net to Catch the Wind by Nexis Pas

“Love is not love which alters where it alteration finds.”  When David has an accident, how does he rebuild his relationship with Richard?

The Fire Eaters by Anel Viz

Sometimes the burdens created by saving someone’s life can only be repaid with love and courage, even if — especially if — it’s your best friend.

The Artist by R J Astruc

What happens when you create semi-sentient robots who know that the man you love doesn’t love you?

Refactoring Lucidity by Don Bellew

It’s all about the music.

From issue 2:

The Diary of John Peeps by Michael Gouda

Samuel Pepys’ gay brother.  And his friend John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester.

Jitterbug by Alex Hogan

When you’re lonely and an outsider, friendship — and love — can come from unexpected quarters.

The Bar by M.A. Naess

Faint heart never won fair man.  Especially if he’s straight.  But is he?

Sarie Marais by Nick Thiwerspoon

Don’t go mountaineering in a snow storm.  It can be fatal.

From issue 3:

The Role Model by Anne Eldridge

Memories, bitter and sad.  Two marriages and loves and the prices they all paid.

From issue 4:

Florestan and Eusebius by Elisabeth Hegmann

“Betray not thy divine gifts to men until commanded by the Muse who bestowed them upon thee and of whom thou hast become worthy.”

From issue 5:

Real Fur by Roger Hooverman

A drag performer explains to the police investigator that his fox fur stole has a mind and life of its own.

In a Wine Phase by Andrew J Peters

Ryan goes out to a cruisy bar looking for an escape from his troubled marriage.

From issue 6:

Christmas Eve by Brian Holliday

Adam has always hated Christmas, but he’s a professional. It doesn’t bother him at all to be asked to come up with an ad campaign for a toy company in time for the holidays; at least, not until he meets Traditional Toys junior executive, Nicholas.

Comfort and Joy by Matt Brooks

1918 was a year of dramatic struggles worldwide.  Lulu Clement met the challenges head-on.

From issue 9:

Three-quarter Moon by Richard Natale

When Richard hears that his estranged friend Forrest is dying, he must reestablish contact to thank him for changing his life.

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