Eight stories, from some of our oldest contributors and from two new authors, with more illustrations than ever.


999,999   by   Christopher Jackson-Ash

Imagine going into cryogenic storage, being forgotten about and sleeping until near the end of time. Imagine you are a leader of men, an alpha male, and the world is now only populated by gay clones who think you are their Messiah.

Actions of a Votary   by   Chuck Teixeira

Having left the life of a bar hostess behind in Okinawa, Kyo now finds herself saddled with a gay husband and at odds with the leaders of a religious practice whose agenda is very different from hers.

Confounding Sally Dugan   by   Richard Natale

Dan Dugan prepares for the opening night of his new show and the demands of a temperamental actress while his romantic life teeters on the brink. Then he is suddenly summoned home for a family emergency.

The Enforcer  by  M. A. Naess

Shane doesn’t realise at first how much his world is going to change when a stranger crosses his path.

Spider Bait   by  Alex Hogan

Aspid has survived one mating season. Can he survive another and also  protect young Maxid, now old enough to feel the deadly, irresistible call?

There Are Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden  by  Anel Viz

He lives alone in his little house, barricaded against the pushers, hookers and muggers who people the neighborhood, and only ventures out to go to work. Then three eccentric men move in next door…

There’s No Substitute for Proper Oral Care   by   Thomas Kearnes

There’s no love like old love. Just ask your friends…

 The Wivern Story   by  Bosley Gravel

In a primitive world of dire scarcity, where the last of the dragon-like wivern are hunted for food, the apprentice to a tribe’s dying mogul learns two terrible secrets: one on the nature of wivern; and one on the nature of men.

All fiction and illustrations remain © the author/artist.

2 Responses to Fiction

  1. Catherine says:

    Hello, my name is Catherine. I am interested in subscribing to your magazine. I want to read all of the fiction stories, because I wrote a piece that maybe this magazine would be interested in. I am a straight female who is interested in gay and bisexual male culture. How much does it cost to suscribe?

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