Three stories and the first part of a novella from some of our oldest contributors.


Travelers and Homebodies   by   Anel Viz

A sumptuous series of prose poems about a man and his lover

AKA Fred Smith   by   Richard Natale

Harold sees a face in the newspaper, a face he recognises and a name he doesn’t, and remembers the man he loved long ago.

Delta, part 1   by   Brian Holliday

…I found myself remembering when I’d learned about Glen’s… abilities. The first time we made love was the day I met him, right there on the leather sofa in his office. The moment I saw him I felt something indefinable, perhaps the touch of destiny. When I shook his hand, I knew… this man was special, and I had to have him. From the intense way Glen looked at me, I was sure he felt the same….

Redhead  by  Nikolaos Thiwerspoon

Jack runs into Sam.  Literally.  But Sam has a secret.  And Jack’s married.  It’s complicated, for a while.  

All fiction and illustrations remain © the author/artist.

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