Three stories from some of our oldest contributors; one from a new author (new to us, though he’s been published in Gay Flash Fiction); and part two of “Delta”, the novella by Brian Holliday.


The Thought Collector   by   Anel Viz

A man’s mind goes blank because the person sitting next to him on the park bench has “collected his thoughts”. That night he doesn’t recognize the odd, mousy-looking fellow who tells him they have met before—his memories belong to the Thought Collector. 

Diamond in the Rough   by   Richard Natale

Stanislaus, a naive Swiss emigré, is wooed by a Byronic-lover named Afton. The pairing seems idealized, until Stanislaus discovers Afton’s secret past.

Delta, part 2   by   Brian Holliday

At first it was only a nightmare. But what happens when nightmares are shared?

DragonLords  by  Nikolaos Thiwerspoon

He brought the glory and dread of my dreams to mind even then, dreams which had tormented and elated me in equal measure since I was a child.

Storm  by  Andrew Baranek

Two young men prepare for a hurricane. Is their life together strong enough to withstand it?



All fiction and illustrations remain © the author/artist.

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