Two stories from some of our oldest contributors; one from a remarkable new author; part three of “Delta”, the novella by Brian Holliday; and the winning entries from our drabble competition.


Kevvy   by   Anel Viz

A popular high school student befriends a gay classmate.

Greeks Bearing Children   by   Richard Natale

Gabriel has settled into a loving relationship with Llewellyn when Dimitri, an old flame, comes back to town and threatens to reignite.

Delta, part 3   by   Brian Holliday

At last, a well-planned hike into the Rocky Mountains. It’s time to face the lightning… and the monsters.

Dear World  by  Andre Wheeler

Diego Vasquez wants to kill himself because it is raining and he doesn’t have an umbrella… not because he let stupid Levi Able, one of the most popular kids in school, wear his clothes and break his heart.


 Intriguing snippets of longer tales, written or unwritten, by 6 different authors.

All fiction and illustrations remain © the author/artist.

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