Issue 14

Well, this is issue 14 of Wilde Oats.  Who would have thought, back at the beginning of 2008 when a group of more-or-less beginners in the mysteries of the internet and publishing, took over the running of Forbidden Fruit that we would still, six years later, be running our e-zine.  Forbidden Fruit, founded by the redoubtable Fiona Glass back in 2005,  morphed into Wilde Oats,  and over the years we had a couple of format changes and webmaster changes, and wouldn’t you believe it, we’ve changed again.  We’ve moved to host our zine on WordPress, for several reasons.  It’s far easier to upload and maintain the site, just from a technical perspective.  Also, readers can comment on individual items.   We could never get that to work at the old site.   Our zine is run entirely by volunteers and the programmers among us just never had the time to write the code.  Our new host is easier to search, and best of all, it has an integral blog, where you can keep in touch in between issues.  But the address hasn’t changed: you can still find us on  We’re sure there are errors like missing links; if you find any, you can just comment on the page in question and we’ll fix them

Talking of issues, we’ve decided to have four issues a year instead of three, in February, May, August and November.   And between each issue you can pop back here to see what we have planned, news about our authors, and, best of all, a regular stream of uploaded stories and articles from past issues.  We aim to upload one a week.  If you follow us (right hand panel for email followers, top thin strip at the left for WordPress members) or join our google group (here) you’ll be kept informed about all the good stuff that happens at our magazine.

This issue is a retrospective.  We’ve selected all those stories which we rated most highly when they were submitted and republished them.  I have to say, reading through them again, that we really do publish some of the best gay-shaded writing on the web.  And how diverse they all are!

Alas, it’s not always good news:  we have to bid a sad farewell to Kit Moss, who will no longer be part of the editorial team.  He has been an enthusiastic and committed supporter of Wilde Oats during his time with us.

Anyway, enough of that.  One should never get between your readers and your writing.  So here goes.  Start reading!


Issue 14

All the stories in the current issue


Fiction and articles and reviews from earlier issues

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