Issue 15

Eight stories in this issue!  We didn’t expect so many after our move from four-monthly to quarterly publication.  Admittedly, two of them have been published previously in paid publications; Wilde Oats, alas, is unable to pay for pieces or artwork published in the zine.  But we’re honoured that their authors submitted these stories to us.

We have fiction from authors who have been with us from the very first issues as well as some from newbies.  We at Wilde Oats are always pleased to see “our” authors go on to commercial success, which has happened often enough to mean that we confidently expect our newest authors to also one day make at least what the inimitable Jane calls a “modest competence” from their writing.

What is interesting, as always, is the sheer variety of inspiration, style and subject matter in the stories we publish.   Suggests we’re getting it right.

Original illustrations for our stories add a unique touch (we think), and in this issue our artists have done us proud.  And so have some  of our authors, who have displayed an unexpected talent for art in the illustrations they’ve created.

We also have book reviews, a rant, and an obituary.

Without more ado …  read on.

♦ 999,999   by   Christopher Jackson-Ash   ♦  Actions of a Votary   by   Chuck Teixeira  ♦   Confounding Sally Dugan   by   Richard Natale  ♦  The Enforcer  by  M. A. Naess  ♦  Spider Bait   by  Alex Hogan  ♦  There Are Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden  by  Anel Viz  ♦  There’s No Substitute for Proper Oral Care   by   Thomas Kearnes    ♦   The Wivern Story   by  Bosley Gravel

♦  Closer — Poems by Christopher Stephen Soden.  A review by Piet Bach  ♦   Werecat, by Andrew Peters.  A review by Brian Holliday   ♦   Alma’s Will, by Anel Viz. A review by Piet Bach   ♦   Prelude, by Shira Anthony & Venona Keyes. A Review by Piet Bach   ♦   In fond memory of Jose Julio Sarria,  by Victor Banis   ♦   The Male Nurse, by Brandon Figliolino

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