Les Ardoises, by Anel Viz: A Review

By Liz Nicholson

Silver Publishing, 2012 (e-book)
ISBN 9781614956297

No. 7 in Silver’s “Men In Uniform” series

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Félicien’s girlfriend leaves for a family holiday just as an American business conference begins in Villefranche near the restaurant where the young man works. During the next three weeks, Félicien’s life is turned upside down. He has always told Corinne he is bisexual but has never expected to have to make such immense decisions about himself or his future. Nor has he thought that working as a waiter on the French Riviera could be either so exciting or so dangerous. Les Ardoises cover

This is a compelling and very sexy story that explores motives and feelings, and gives a real flavour of French life. The reader is left hoping Félicien will enjoy the changes he must make and the new lifestyle he is about to embrace. As usual, this author gives us an authentic view of living and working in France, complete with occasional French words and phrases which add to the atmosphere but never overwhelm the reader. The explicit gay sex provides a constant and hot background for an exciting story with a satisfactory and hopeful conclusion. If you like an interesting plot laced with erotica, or erotica interspersed with an interesting storyline, this novella is for you!

Well written and a good example of the genre – I give it five stars

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