Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks has worked as a musician, editor, farmer, bookseller, theatre technician, newspaper and magazine columnist, and administrative professional.  His fiction has appeared in numerous gay publications.  He lives and writes in Northern California and his most recent book, a m/m romance titled Honeymoon Cottage, is just out from Dreamspinner Press.  He would really love to have a cat adopt him.   He can be reached here.

Taking a Chance on Love

The Queen City Players Present

Comfort and Joy

2 Responses to Matt Brooks

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  2. agriculteurs4sexy says:

    I love your style. My only thought is that sometimes I am so involved in the dialogue, that I want it to come first. You know. Rather than, The room rattled as the train passed, something like, “God, I want you so bad, Trevor said,” as Leo sat and thought as the room rattled .. etc, But that’s small. You’re a great talent, my friend.

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