Michael Gouda

Michael Gouda was born and raised in London, England. After a change of direction he left the world of commerce and entered that of education and is now a teacher at a Comprehensive school in Worcestershire, England, teaching English and Information Technology. He lives in a limestone cottage in the Cotswolds with a neurotic Border Collie.

Publications include:

Short stories:

‘Hitched’ in the anthology I Do Two! ed. Kris Jacen (MLR Press)

‘Pact with the Devil’ in Anthology ‘Divine Meat’ ed. D. MacMillan. (Idol)
‘The Sun Rises’ in Anthology ‘Erotic Travel Tales’ ed M. Szereto (Cleis)
‘The Gift’ in Anthology ‘Lovers who Stay with you‘ ed. D. MacMillan (Starbooks)
‘Triptych – Alex’ published in Bent Magazine (Issue 2, Dec 2006)
‘After Edward’ published in anthology ‘Charmed Lives‘ (Lethe Press) – shortlisted for 2006 Lambda Awards.  Also appeared in Forbidden Fruit Zine, August, 2008.
‘Born Again’ – published by Rainbow Community Project (June 2007), also appeared in Wilde Oats, April, 2009.
‘Cranes’ – published by Web Digest Weekly (July 2007)

Young Adults Fiction:
‘Flying with Witches’ published as e-book (Crystal Star Publishing)

Website: Where you can find more than 150 short stories
Yahoo Group

The Diary of John Peeps

Born Again

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