Nick Thiwerspoon

Nikolaos Thiwerspoon is the author of several romantic m/m and bisexual novels and short stories.  He lives in country Victoria, Australia.

Website | Google Group | Blog | Email | Twitter | Facebook | Nick’s Rumbles

Five Don Bellew Books, a review

I am Sidhe, a short story

Legally Wed, by Rick R Reed, a review

An Ozzie Christmas Tale, a short story

The Wolf, a short story

DragonLords, a short story

The Order of the Air, by Melissa Scott and Jo Graham, a review

Lthon’s Tale

Redhead.  A short story.

Quickies.  Quick reviews of LA Heat and Steel Blues.

Honeymoon Cottage, by Matt Brooks.  A review.

Gay, Then and Now.  A review and meditation on Ethan Mordden’s How’s Your Romance?

The End of Gay.  An essay on Bert Archer’s book.

Map of the Harbor Islands, by J G Hayes.  A review.

Josh, illustrated by Zaza

Johnny, illustrated by Eve le Dez

Quickies.  Quick reviews of books and films.

Sarie Marais


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