Reviews of four novels; a tribute to Ruth Sims; a rant ‘My Heroes’

Junior Willis by Richard Natale, reviewed by Piet Bach

As we would expect from Mr. Natale’s other stories, his development of characters and scenes is graceful and his pacing is steady.  Backgrounds and eras are evoked with his characteristic spare but effective prose, and although we have a good idea of how the plot will resolve it still comes as a nice near-surprise when it does.

Pretty Boy Dead by Jon Michaelson, reviewed by Piet Bach

The first in a planned series featuring a closeted police detective, Kendall Parker, employed by the Atlanta Police Department, and the metaphorical closet plays an important part in the story line.  

The Order of the Air, by Melissa Scott & Jo Graham, a review  by  Nikolaos Thiwerspoon

A thoroughly satisfying and engrossing trilogy in every way.  Highly recommended.

My Heroes by Don Bellew

Up until the nineteen forties, people recognized the label “sissy” or “momma’s boy” as a type of male but few people actually reserved homosexual behavior to them alone. The old 19th century ideal of male friendship allowed the expression of male-male affection without question right up until 1942 when the draft was instituted by the Army.

A Tribute to Ruth Sims, by Victor Banis


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