Non Fiction


 Café Eisenhower, by Richard Natale: a review by Piet Bach

Richard Natale has been a contributor to Wilde Oats since we published his first submission to us, “Refrigeration Blues”, which seems to have been the germ of the present novel.   Not a word of this novel is careless, not a word falls too soon or too late in the narrative, and the twist at the end is completely unlooked for but absolutely right. Anyone who enjoys and values good fiction should get a copy.  Very highly recommended.


Fanny & Stella and The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde by Neil McKenna: reviews by Piet Bach

Neil McKenna’s latest book, Fanny & Stella, takes on Victorian attitudes about homosexuality, prostitution, drag and drag performance, and does it in an entirely engrossing way.  McKenna’s earlier work, The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde, has a very different tone.  An earlier work, it demonstrates what thorough research McKenna does, and the results are startling if you started with as little detailed knowledge as I did.

Legally Wed, by Rick R Reed: a review by Nick Thiwerspoon

Lust or love?  After being unceremoniously dumped by the love of his life when he proposes, Duncan decides to give up hope of finding a man, and instead decides to get married.  To a woman.  Which is when the fireworks start.


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  1. Thank you, Piet, for the beautifully composed and flattering review. All the best in 2015. Richard

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