Piet Bach

Piet Bach was reading before he was four years old, and the written word has been important to him all his life as a compulsive reader and writer.  Born in Indiana, his earliest memories are of afternoons spent in the local Carnegie grant library.  He has been a columnist, reporter, editor, reviewer and bookseller in a career that spans nearly four decades; currently, he is a contract editor and secretary at a mid-size law firm.  When he can tear himself away from the printed page and put down his red pencil, he likes to work in the garden of the 1912 workingman’s bungalow in Elmhurst, California, which he is slowly restoring to its original blue-collar glory.

Barbacoa, by Erik Orrantia,  a review

Fanny & Stella and The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde by Neil McKenna,  reviews

Café Eisenhower by Richard Natale, a review

Pretty Boy Dead by Jon Michaelsen, a review

Junior Willis by Richard Natale, a review

Taxi Rojo by Erik Orrantia, a review

Bob the book, by David Pratt, a review

Prelude, by Shira Anthony & Venona Keyes, a review

Latin Boyz, by P A Brown, a review

Alma’s Will, by Anel Viz, a review

My Movie, by David Pratt, a review

Closer — Poems by Christopher Stephen Soden, a review

Three novellas by Jay Mountney, a review

Day of the Dead by Erik Orrantia, a review

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