Refactoring Lucidity

By Don Bellew

Jared woke from a nightmare of being lost and alone. The dream was not a new one. His heart was pounding inside his chest and a quick sweat broke along his hairline.

I know this room … wait … just a dream.

He focused on the cracked and peeling patch of stained ivory paint on the ceiling above him. There was a message there, he knew. At some time in the past he’d decoded that exploded symbol, that series of cracks. He couldn’t remember what it meant, now, but it was reassuring to believe that once he’d understood it. He blinked harder, made the film of mucus stay down, sticky on his lashes. Blink. He recognized the smell, too. And he remembered.

Jesus, how could I forget him?

Jared rolled to his right and reached across the crumpled sheets to touch the silky curve of skin that peeked from folds of shadowed pillows and a blanket. David always buried himself in a tightly wrapped cocoon to sleep.


[This story has been withdrawn for publication in Anybody’s Brother, Everybody’s Son]


© 2009 donnie d bellew.  All rights reserved.

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