Richard Natale

Richard Natale, a veteran journalist and editor, wrote and directed the gay-themed feature film romance “Green Plaid Shirt”, which is currently a best-selling DVD and streaming title for Wolfe Video, and won the National Playwright’s Competition for the comedy “Shuffle off This Mortal Buffalo,” which was produced in Los Angeles and Kansas City.  Several of his stories that first appeared in Wilde Oats are now available through Torquere Press and, as is the story “Nine Weeks With Griff” and the short-story collection “Island Fever.” His young-adult adventure novel “Doubloon” will be published in fall 2014 by Double-Dragon Books and another novel, Café Eisenhower, a portion of which was excerpted in Wilde Oats as “Refrigeration Blues,” will be published by Bold Strokes Books, also in fall 2014.

Richard Natale’s Amazon Page


Tidings of Good Cheer

Diamond in the Rough

AKA Fred Smith

Confounding Sally Dugan

Sam and his Gang of Four

Three-Quarter Moon

The Year One


Muscle House

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