Roger Hooverman

Growing up in Michigan, my passions were reading, science and science fiction. My aspiration to be a great scientist took me to a PhD in physics, short careers as a physics professor and a researcher in alternate energy, and finally a satisfying and successful career in software programming.

After thirteen years of marriage, I came out and became a committed gay activist in political, social and religious groups in upstate New York and Connecticut, penning letters to the editor and editing organizational newsletters. After retirement, I finally found time for what I had always wanted to do, write fiction, with emphases on speculative fiction and the gay experience. I took courses and participated in writers’ groups. “Real Fur,” which appears in the August 2010 issue, had its genesis as an exercise in one of those groups. It is my first nationally published work of fiction.

I have three children, three grandchildren, and a long-suffering partner of 20 years who now shares my life in our retirement home near Sarasota, Florida.

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Real Fur

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