Ruth Sims


Ruth Sims is the author of the acclaimed novel Counterpoint: Dylan’s Story.

She has lived her entire life in conservative, Republican, tiny-town Midwest USA surrounded by corn-, wheat-, and soybcounterpoint dylan's storyean fields. Like Emily Dickinson she has never seen a Moor and has never seen the Sea (except, unlike Dickinson, in films) but she’s seen plenty of silos, Amish buggies, whitetails, and amber waves of grain.

She is the author of several novels. Her story The Legend of Mountain Ash was published in I Do Two! , the anthology in support of gay marriage. Her short story Song of the Sand is available here.  Her most recent novel is Counterpoint: Dylans Story. We have a review of it here, and there is a chapter excerpt here.




King of Cats, by Blake Fraina, a review

Counterpoint: Dylan’s Tale: An Excerpt

Tom; Or An Improbable Tail

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