by Alex Hogan

illustrated by Christopher Hawthorne Moss

[This story originally appeared in Forbidden Fruit in 2006]

The mating habits of the Australian Redback Spider – close relative of the Black Widow – are brutal. The males must compete with each other in the race to reach the female first. Once their night of passion is complete, the males change from being the female’s paramour to being her dinner.


Spider Jacket 2 chmAspid flattened himself against the wall in the laneway. Out on the street there was a lady on the hunt, he could smell her. The aroma of an adult female could bring males to full maturity. Aspid knew; it had happened to him. It had taken him by surprise one morning the previous summer, dragging him out from where he lived behind the garbage bins, deep in the laneway. Blindly, he had followed the trail of erotic perfume. His mind, foggy with this new, strange feeling of desire, could think of nothing but finding the lady.

But he’d been too late, and someone else had beaten him to her. Once her scent had gone, his mind cleared, and he was shocked at what he’d done. He crawled off to his home behind the dustbins, his heart beating wildly in realisation of how close he had been to disaster.

Aspid had been told, of course, by those who lived in the street, not to succumb to the scent of the spider ladies. He’d seen it happen to others. They would begin to chase the fragrance uncontrollably as the lady passed by with her sultry walk, leading one of them into her apartment, from which he would never return.

When he was a kid at school, the boys used to gather around and whisper about the sexy females who enticed men away. The boys made lurid jokes about what they did together, the lady and her mate, before she would turn on him. The stories made Aspid shiver at night. He’d have wet dreams about the sex games the ladies would play, exciting, irresistible games, that—it was said—made the end worthwhile.

Once the lady was with child, her scent would change and the streets would become safe again. With the change in odour, the spider men could think clearly. Some would try forming bands to resist the ladies, issuing illegal pamphlets urging rebellion. An old poster of one was pasted to the wall behind Aspid. But it never lasted. When a lady was again on the hunt for her sexual dinner, the aromas returned and the men were lured once more.

Aspid had a rope and handcuffs. He was planning to tie himself to a drainpipe near the wall—chain himself if he had to. It was commonly believed it was necessary to do this to resist the aroma of a lady on heat.

On the other side of the lane he could see young Maxid. The lad had only been hanging around the alley for a few weeks. Aspid was getting used to him; it was nice having the company.

Maxid was huddled in a doorway, dozing. Beside him were the leftovers of chips and a hamburger, food that he had found discarded in a bin. The scent of the female was closer. Aspid grew concerned. Maxid was young; this experience would be new for him.

“Quick, Maxid!” Aspid called out. The lad looked up drowsily. “Tie yourself up!”


The perfume was getting thicker. Aspid quickly grabbed his rope and handcuffs and raced over to Maxid.

“Whatchya doing?” the lad asked, fuddled by sleep and confused by Aspid’s haste.

“Quickly! You need to tie yourself up.”


“Can’t you smell it?”

“No… oh, yeah.”

Aspid pulled the boy up and dragged him over to a drainpipe near the doorway.

“Hey, whadja doin’, man?” Maxid said as Aspid began tying his hands around the pipe. “I don’t want you to do that. What’s with you? You some kinda sicko? Hey, dig that smell!”

“Yes, exactly! That’s why I’m doing this. ‘That smell’ is a lady—on the hunt.”

“Ooh…” Maxid looked out to the street while Aspid tied the ropes. “Kinda exciting, isn’t it?”


“Has it happened to you before?”


“Did ya get near her?’


“Did ya get to see her?”


“What’d she look like?”

“Like a woman! What’d you expect?”

Maxid laughed. Aspid scowled.

As he was tying the rope, Aspid noticed another odour. It coiled itself in and around the overpowering aroma of the lady, fresh and sweet, clear and crisp. His cock rose immediately. He looked up, fearing another lady was sneaking up the alley, but there was only he and Maxid.

He looked back at Maxid. The lad’s brown hair hung jauntily over his eyes, sitting just above his long, thin nose. His skin was pale against the dark of his hair. His hands were long and slender, and warm under Aspid’s grasp. They began to wriggle. Aspid cast his eyes quickly over Maxid’s body. He could see the aroma of the lady was having its effect. The lad had certainly reached maturity—a huge hard-on was outlined in his pants.

Maxid writhed against the rope; Aspid could not finish tying it properly. The dark smell of the lady wafted past. Aspid was surprised to feel only a small part of the perfume alluring. Most of it he found cloying. Maxid pulled hard at the ropes.

“No, Maxid, don’t do that!”

Maxid gave a great tug, and the ropes gave. Aspid lunged to catch him, but it was too late, he was gone, racing toward the open street as if on air.

Aspid followed quickly. He caught up with the lad as he reached the end of the lane, where the sun cut across the shadows of the buildings that framed the entrance. Maxid had momentarily stopped to take in the street scene. Aspid grabbed him, holding him back in a bear hug. In the street they could see several male spiders of all ages. A few were old and slow of step. Many were just lads. They were making their way down the street, all going in one direction—pursuing the scent of the lady.

A mass of smells came from the men. Aspid’s senses reeled. Over the top of the different aromas was the overpowering essence of the female, gluggy and choking. The fragrance he remembered had not been like that. It was clear, golden, crystal and inviting, more like the many odours of all the males who were making their way down the street and the one coming from Maxid. Were those the odours that had beckoned him last time?

For a moment Maxid was transfixed, but then he began to struggle, answering the call. The thick female perfume filled the air. Maxid’s own scent rose up in answer, twisting itself around Aspid. He held the lad tighter. In the street they saw a young male move quickly past a burly older one. As he did so he turned and jeered, “Better hurry up, old man.”

The brawny brute ran after him and grabbed his collar. “Whadya say?” He threw his fist straight into the lad’s face. The youth staggered, then regained his footing and ran at the brute, head down, trying to butt him in the stomach, but the burly man was too quick. He lifted a knee and smashed the lad in the face. The young male fell to the ground. The brute kicked him.

Aspid and Maxid stared at the scene. The male smell from the brute drifted over to them, not sweet and crisp but angry red. It momentarily blocked the female scent. Maxid’s own erotic perfume faded, replaced by one of fear. The brawny spider man continued on his way and now came past them. He saw the fear in Maxid’s eyes.

“Huh, what you two lookin’ at? Ya faggots!” he said and spat at them. The big gobbet landed in front of Maxid’s feet. Aspid pulled Maxid quickly into the shadows of the lane. The dark, syrupy aroma of the lady floated past. The man moved on, drawn by the scent.

“Shit!” Maxid said, his body quivering. “What was that all about?”

“It happens all the time—anything to get to the lady first.”

Maxid stared out into the street as the others passed by. Gently, Aspid led him deeper into the alley and settled him against the wall in the dark space behind the dumpster bin. He sat beside him and wrapped his arms around his shoulders. The boy still shivered in fear. They sat there, quiet, for some moments, listening to the sounds of the men chasing after the lady, hearing more angry calls and fighting.

“Just hang in there, Maxid.”

The lad’s shivering began to lessen. Aspid felt him lean against his shoulder.

“Tell me, what happened to you the last time?” Maxid asked quietly.

“I was too late. I saw a crowd of males gather, their tempers raised. Punches were thrown, faces smashed. Then I heard the lady laugh. A cruel laugh. She made her way over to them and simply stepped on top of any who were injured and lay on the ground, her sharp high heels piercing them. She had long, glossy black hair, wore skin-tight black leather pants and an exceedingly low-cut top—blood red in colour. She headed toward the leader of the gang. Stopping in front of him, she ran her hands over the sweaty muscles of his chest, then slipped them down into his pants. There, in front of everyone, she fondled him. I could see from where I was that she was pulling on his hard dick.”

Aspid noticed a trickle of clear, crisp scent rising from Maxid.

“He went to kiss her, but she wouldn’t let him. She pulled his head down and rested it between her breasts. He placed his hands around each one and mouthed her nipples. She laughed once more, then took his hand and led him away.”

The female perfume drifted past again, weaving its way into the laneway. Aspid could feel the lad’s shoulders quiver. He squeezed them. Maxid’s erotic scent rose again and curled around Aspid, teasing him. He felt his cock go hard.

“It’s starting again,” Aspid said. He grabbed the handcuffs. “We’d better tie you up.” As he heard his own voice, he knew it betrayed the mating tone. Maxid looked up. Aspid hoped he believed the lust in his voice was caused by the lady’s presence. He saw the young spider cast his eyes rapidly over his body. He told himself to look away—but he couldn’t.

“And we’d hafta tie you up too,” Maxid said.

“Oh… yes, of course.”

Aspid leaned over and chained Maxid as quickly as he could. As he did so, the young spider’s fragrance grew richer. He dropped the key to the handcuffs into the lad’s jeans pocket, then tried to tie himself to the same pipe, fumbling as he did.

“Here, let me,” Maxid said. Aspid put his hands near Maxid’s, and the boy did his best to tie Aspid’s wrists to the drainpipe. Aspid luxuriated in the touch of Maxid’s hands. When the rope was finally tied, he knew the knot wasn’t strong enough to keep him there, but he had no desire to run away, he was where he wanted to be.

A wave of female perfume wafted past. Maxid groaned. Aspid leant against him, pinning him to the wall.

“She will be gone soon,” he said. “She will have her prey and lure him into her home, and then we will be free.” He pushed himself harder against Maxid. He could feel the lad’s erection against his leg, with just the material of their pants between them. Maxid lifted his head to look into Aspid’s eyes, but Aspid clenched them closed, pretending he was trying hard to resist the lady. Maxid laid his head against Aspid’s shoulder.

A bloodcurdling female laugh rent the air. The shouts of anger from the men in the street stopped. All was quiet. The laugh came again, answered by a deep growl of lust. A mate had been chosen.

Aspid looked down at Maxid. “It is over,” he whispered. Maxid did not move but continued resting his head against Aspid’s shoulder.

“But the scent hasn’t gone,” Maxid said.

All Aspid could smell was Maxid. He tried again to move away, but still Maxid stayed. He sighed and began to relax, enjoying the feel of the young spider’s warm body next to him.

“Have you found the secret?” Maxid asked.

“I-I don’t know.”

“You aren’t tied.”

“Yes I am.”

“But not tight enough.” Maxid raised his eyes. “Aspid, I couldn’t tie your hands strong enough. I saw you could’ve gotten loose if you wanted to.”

The sexual aroma of the young spider was rich in the air. Aspid stared down into his milky brown eyes. He gently rested his inflamed erection against Maxid’s own.

Maxid clumsily undid the ropes around Aspid’s hands, then jiggled the chain that locked his own. “You know where the key is.”

Aspid reached around the boy’s body to the pocket where he’d dropped the key. He slipped his hand in and could not help but cup Maxid’s taut buttock as he searched. He found the key and withdrew it. Fumbling, edgy with lust, he unlocked the cuffs that bound Maxid’s hands. Maxid pulled free and rubbed his wrists gingerly. Holding his hands up to Aspid, he asked softly, “Can you kiss ’em better?”

Aspid softly kissed the raw wounds, but Maxid flinched at the pain.

“I’m sorry, Max. I’m sorry.” Aspid wrapped his arms around the young spider and held him tight against his chest. Their joint aromas curled about each other and wove themselves together. Maxid lifted his face, and their lips met. Urgently, they kissed, tongues battling for a place in the other’s mouth. As they broke apart, Maxid moved his hand down to Aspid’s groin and slid his fingertips underneath the waistband, tickling his sweaty skin.

Aspid placed his hand on Maxid’s pants, outlining the shape of his erection under the cloth, feeling its length, squeezing gently. Maxid moaned. Aspid touched a finger to the wet patch on the material just above Maxid’s cock head.

“Can we do this?” Maxid whispered in awe.

“Why not? What the hell is stopping us? And we both want it. Don’t we?”

With barely a whisper, Maxid said, “Yes.”

Aspid grasped Maxid’s hips and crushed him close.

Maxid slipped his hands down Aspid’s pants. His fingers brushed the end of his cock, touching the slippery pre-cum. He slid his hand down further, along the shaft, reaching to his balls, and cupped them. Then he brought his hand back up, wrapped his fingers around Aspid’s cock, and tugged on it.

In one movement Aspid pushed Maxid’s pants down, releasing his round buttocks and dick, then slid his own pants down to free his bursting cock. He knelt and took Maxid’s dick deep into his mouth, sucking hard, drinking in all the sap oozing from its head. The boy collapsed back against the wall, moaning, weaving his fingers tightly through Aspid’s hair. Unable to stand, he started to slide down the wall and onto the ground. His dick pulled away from Aspid’s avid mouth as he did so.

Maxid lay on the ground, lost in his own lust, his chest and groin bared to the world, his dick shiny pink. The head pulsed, slick from Aspid’s spit.

Breathing in the aroma from Maxid’s dick, its taste still in his mouth, Aspid could hold off no longer. He wriggled his knees in between Maxid’s legs, spreading them wide. Looking at the place where the soft round buttocks met, he ran his finger lightly along the crack, eliciting a soft groan from Maxid. Aspid then grabbed his own cock and pushed it hard between the buttocks. But Maxid flinched in sudden pain.

Aspid pulled out quickly. He did not want to hurt Maxid. He looked up. Maxid was rolling his head from side to side, still entrapped by the lust. Aspid saw Maxid grab his own dick and start pumping. The pre-cum oozed out. Aspid pushed the boy’s hands away and continued the pumping himself. He whipped the pre-cum into his hand and then rubbed it over his own cock, slicking it. Easing up to Maxid again, his fingers wet with the pre-cum, he slipped them in between the soft mounds, searching. Maxid arched his back and pushed himself further onto Aspid’s fingers.

Aspid pulled his fingers out and slowly pushed his hot cock into the crack, seeking the secret hole within. The slicked cock found its way and buried itself deep inside. Maxid cried out at the first contact, but as Aspid moved slowly deeper and deeper, the young spider laid his head back, closed his eyes, and Aspid felt his body relax. He became one with the feeling sweeping through him, taking over his consciousness.

Aspid gripped Maxid’s thighs hard, his nails cutting into the soft skin. He thrust himself in and out, panting and grunting. Maxid pushed himself against the spider in time with the rhythm he had set. Aspid began to lose control. The fire flashed through him, rushing from his head to his cock, driving him on. He cried out with the all-consuming pleasure as one last lick of flame coursed through him, and he pushed a final time, thrusting himself in deep.

The fire of ecstasy raced through him, crescendoed, and spilled out into Maxid. The fire seemed to be taken up by Maxid, and he pushed hard onto Aspid’s shaft, up against his hot groin. The force erupted from his balls, up and out of his dick, spraying over Aspid’s chest and face.

Both collapsed, panting.

After Aspid’s breathing returned to normal, Maxid felt him stir. Was it coming now, the boy wondered? The moment of exultation? When he would be lifted up and taken to heaven? The end the ladies always said was “the ultimate ecstasy?” Maxid tensed and waited. A part of him told himself to scramble up, push Aspid away, and run as far as he could. But he was pinned by Aspid’s body and by the chemicals cruising through his own body, which told him to relax and enjoy. He tried to fight the wave of pleasure lapping at his mind, but could do so no more than he had been able to fight the lust in the first place. He closed his eyes to let the inevitable happen.

Maxid felt Aspid’s mouth come down onto his exposed neck. Maxid breathed slowly, taking in the touch of the other man’s lips on his skin, feeling every sensation acutely, waiting for the injection of poison from Aspid’s teeth—and the crunch of death. But all he felt was a warm, moist brush of lips. Then he felt Aspid lay his head down again and the older spider’s soft brown hair brush against his neck.

Maxid lay still as Aspid slipped into a semi-sleep. The air buzzed with the sound of distant cars. It was over, and they both still lived.

After a while Maxid shifted his shoulders, uncomfortable against the hard ground. Aspid stirred and moved, then sat up. Maxid sat up too. They huddled against the wall and listened to the sounds of the lonely street. In their minds they could sense the death cries of the male being eaten by the female.

“We could do this again tomorrow,” Aspid whispered, his breath tickling Maxid’s ear. Maxid smiled. Again? They could do this again? And again? And again…?

Maxid gazed into Aspid’s eyes, so close he could barely focus. “You’ve heard the stories about men who’ve escaped the ladies? They gather together in bands and live outside the cities, in the forests, where they can be alone.”

“Yes, of course,” said Aspid, “but I always thought they were legends. It has been said that no man can resist the aroma of the ladies.”

“But you did.”

Aspid nodded slowly.

“So, have we discovered the secret?”

“Maybe.” Aspid took Maxid’s hands and held them in his own.

“P’rhaps you and I could go together to try and find those legendary men?” Maxid said.

Aspid looked down at Maxid. He felt he was the most beautiful spider he had ever seen. He smiled and nuzzled his head close, drinking in the young spider’s delicious aroma, “I hope so.”


 © 2006 Alex Hogan.  All rights reserved.

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