Thomas Kearnes

Thomas Kearnes is a 36-year-old author from East Texas, currently living outside of Houston. He has published over 110 short stories, flashes and essays both in print and online. In addition to his work in Wilde Oats, he has also appeared in Educe Journal, Wilde Magazine, Blithe House Quarterly, MLR Press, Pink Narcissus Press, Cleis Press and Gay Flash Fiction. He has two collections of short fiction due out this summer, “Pretend I’m Not Here” from Musa Publishing and “Promiscuous” from JMS Books. He has also enjoyed mainstream success with his queer fiction in publications such as Storyglossia, PANK, Ampersand, A cappella Zoo, Word Riot, JMWW Journal, Eclectica, The Northville Review, Subtle Fiction and elsewhere. He is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee and Best of the Net nominee. He runs like a girl and has been in therapy since age 16.

There’s No Substitute For Proper Oral Care

Modern Maternity

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