Victor Banis’ short stories

victor banis tell them Katy Did and other storiesA collection of Victor Banis’ short stories has just been published by Untreed Reads.  It costs just $0.99 and consists of  eight stories.  You can buy it here.

The stories are:

Tell Them Katy Did
The Kiss of Death
Midnight Special
Changing Views
The Princess of the Andes
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Issue 17 is up!

at ease 2Four new short stories and part 2 of Brian Holliday’s Delta; five book reviews; a tribute to Ruth Sims who passed away unexpectedly on May 8th, and a rant by Don Bellew.

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PUNK – by Andrew Baranek

Originally posted on Gay Flash Fiction:

(c)  Andrew Baranek

It’s that kid again, he’s been tagging along all summer. I’ve seen him at every Foul Tip show, standing way in the back shadows, smiling as the band thrashes onstage. It’s weird because he doesn’t even look like a punk: he always wears khaki shorts, a white t-shirt. Like he’s a Boy Scout, or maybe a bando.

And now he’s in my cellar while I’m supposed to be recording Foul Tip’s next record. He sits there in the folding chair, with his weird little smirk. And Nate the frontman’s on the cement floor next to him, in tight black jeans and jacket, all studded with silver. And Nate’s staring off, contemptuous, getting his Foul Tip face ready for the next vocal take. I love when he gets like that.

But this other kid is all like, delicate… or normal… or something. With his hands tucked in his…

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Ruth Sims

Uploading past stories and articles from the archives continues.  This week, we’ve uploaded a review of Ruth Sims’ Counterpoint: Dylan’s Story, an excerpt from this novel, a review by her of Blake Fraina’s King of Cats, and one of her short stories from Forbidden Fruit days, Tom; Or An Improbable Tail.


counterpoint dylan's story

Tom or an improbable tail

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You might enjoy this story by Anel Viz, an author who has supported Wilde Oats since its very earliest days.

Somehow, when I saw this picture it made me think of that story.

mates 158

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i loves ya a115Three melancholy tales from our archives.  It wasn’t on purpose.  They just happened to be the next three I was uploading.   They are all in some way about first loves.

Born Again by Michael Gouda

Almost Home by Don Bellew

Lthon’s Tale by Nick Thiwerspoon



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New stuff from our writers

Naturally, our writers don’t just get published in Wilde Oats.

the sky behind meByron Edgington‘s The Sky Behind Me is available on Kindle, here.  It’s a story based on his forty year career in the cockpit of military and commercial helicopters, and is filled with human interest, technical, intriguing and heartwarming tales from his life of putting the sky behind him.





the joy of fishesEmily Lupton‘s The Joy of Fishes is a  about a woman whose fiancé is killed in a car crash. It’s also about physics, ghosts, Daoism, and traumatic brain injuries.  You can buy the e-book from Amazon and Barnes and Noble






SeventhPleiade_2Andrew J Peters‘  The Seventh Pleiade is the story of a young gay prince who becomes a hero during the last days of Atlantis.

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