Little Boy Blue – by Alex Hogan


(c) Alex Hogan, 2006

“Where is that boy?  He should be mucking out the stables.  He’s probably asleep behind the hay, like little boy blue.  Beth, go find him and send him here.”

What?  How could mother ask me to do that?  The boy was one of our farm boys, and he could well be asleep by now, since he arrived here every morning at dawn.

‘The boy’ was Jack.  He had been working here for three years.  When he first started I did not take much notice of him – he was just a boy.  But now, I thought he looked very nice.   Trouble was, I had spent two years ignoring him, while he and my brother played stupid boy games, throwing cats down wells and such things. So now he took no notice of me.

I left mother by the clothes tub in the laundry and went out…

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2 Responses to Little Boy Blue – by Alex Hogan

  1. jaymountney says:

    Loved the story, Alex. Great use of nursery-rhyme references.

    Nick – any chance of changing the text/background to make it more friendly for users with visual problems? It’s very faint (WordPress default, I suspect) and hard to read.

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