Forbidden Fruit


Forbidden Fruit, our predecessor magazine, ran for 8 years, and showcased some of the best gay, bi and slash fiction under the discerning editorship of founder Fiona Glass. Unfortunately not all stories published in the magazine were archived, but all those we can find and can obtain permission for have been uploaded here.

Tom; Or An Improbable Tail by Ruth Sims    ♦    An Unconventional Family by Anel Viz   ♦   Lthon’s Tale by Nick Thiwerspoon  ♦  Almost Home by Don Bellew  ♦   A Christmas Carol by Anel Viz   ♦  The Canals of Mars by Victor J Banis   ♦  Edward’s Second Shot by Marshall Payne     ♦  Fáinne Geal an Lae by Nexis Pas     ♦    He Learned How by Kam Oi Lee  ♦   Josh by Nick Thiwerspoon    ♦  Map of the Harbor Islands, a review by Nick Thiwerspoon     ♦  Home Cooking by Brian Holliday     ♦  Male Sexual Fluidity: some thoughts, by Adam Phillips     ♦   Male Sexual Fluidity, a Memoir by Don Bellew      ♦  Quickies by Nick Thiwerspoon     ♦  Strip Search by Victor J Banis     ♦  The Third Christmas by Alex Hogan     ♦  The Ballad of Wanda Wonder-Wedgie by J A Zecca     ♦  Zack by Nick Thiwerspoon  ♦  Spider Bait   by  Alex Hogan

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