Estlin Adams  lives in America’s Rust Belt, occasionally tries his hand at flash fictions, and tries his best in fiction and in life to be “an ethical slut.”

R J Astruc is a New Zealander who writes fantasy and SF

Piet Bach is is one of the founding editors of Wilde Oats.

Victor J Banis  is the acclaimed author of more than 160 published books and numerous shorter pieces in a career spanning nearly half a century.

Andrew Baranek  flits about eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York City.

Don Bellew writes erotic stories, and paints images of handsome men.  He’s a grandfather and retired.

Matt Brooks prefers writing to working.  His novel Honeymoon Cottage was published earlier this year

John Jay Buol has been writing for little more than a year.

Lichen Craig wrote non-fiction professionally for over twenty-five years before the fire overtook her to write a first novel.

Scott David has published dozens of short stories, novels, a memoir, and a guide to wine and cocktails under various pseudonyms.

Byron Edgington is a straight advocate for GLBT rights.

Anne Eldridge, born under the Raj in India, wrote wise tales of gay men, observed in her own milieu.

Brandon Figliolino helps manage Red Fez Magazine

Andres Fragoso, Jr  His experiences of being bi-polar, gay, Mexican American, and, a bit crazy have given him an interesting perspective on life.

Michael Gouda, is the founder of WWGSS, a gay short story group, and himself a prolific author of gay stories..

Bosley Gravel, eclectic hack writer, was born in the Midwest, and came of age in Texas and southern New Mexico.

Robert F Gross  is a Professor of Theatre at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, a director and writer.

Elisabeth Hegmann  Elisabeth Hegmann’s award-winning short stories have appeared in Midnight TimesThe Abacot Journal, and The Battered Suitcase.

Alex Hogan grew up with gay lib and women’s lib and all the other liberation movements of the 60s and 70s, and still believes all you need is love.  She is the managing editor of Gay Flash Fiction.

Brian Holliday is one of the editors of Wilde Oats.  He once tried to live a normal life, but was unable to figure out what it was.

Roger Hooverman  is a scientist and computer programmer.

Christopher Jackson-Ash lives in Melbourne and has returned to his first love, writing

Christopher Johnson has been previously published by phati’tude Literary Magazine and Onomatopoeia Magazine

Thomas Kearnes is a 36-year-old author from East Texas, currently living outside of Houston. He has published over 110 short stories, flashes and essays both in print and online.

Kam Oi Lee  Kam Oi Lee was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan and Hawaii. She now lives in Chicago with her spouse and two cats.

Don M.  is retired, living on the water south of Washington, D.C.  He loves to take his boat out fishing, ride his Harley and walk the dog.

David Massengill‘s most recent publication, Fragments of a Journal Salvaged from a Charred House in Germany, 1816 , is  available from Amazon.

J L Merrow  An English person who refuses to drink tea; a writer of (mainly) m/m or f/f romance, mostly contemporary or paranormal.

Christopher Moss  Kit Moss is a gay trans man and author of mostly historical fiction.  He lives in the Seattle area with his long time partner and their cats.

John Mueter is an educator, composer, writer, and coach/accompanist.

M A Naess  tends to write stories about the young, the vulnerable and those who are alone.

Dove Nasir decided in April of 2010 when he turned 60 that this was his decade to dedicate to writing.

Richard Natale is a Los Angeles-based writer, reporter and columnist for such publications as the Los Angeles Times, L.A. Weekly, Buzz magazine and Variety.

Liz Nicholson  is a published author

Marshall Payne has led a colorful life. He has worked as a touring musician, music producer, sound technician, a salesman, and a waiter.

Andrew J Peters  likes retold stories with a subversive twist.

Adam Phillips is the author of the novel Crosscurrents

Stan Ridge is our managing editor.  He enjoys a good rant.

Ruth Sims lived all her life in conservative Republican tiny-town USA

David O Sullivan  is spent 29 years with the San Jose Police Department and now lives in a small town in the NorthWest.

Nick Thiwerspoon is the author of several novels and short stories.

Chuck Teixeira is a tax attorney in San Francisco, whose fiction has appeared in several publications.

Robert Tilendis is a writer and artist who still somehow makes time to watch films.

Anel Viz is a regular contributor to Wilde Oats.  He returned to his childhood passion of writing fiction and poetry a few years ago.

Alana Noël Voth has had stories published in several anthologies and magzines. Her story collection, Fall, is forthcoming from Tiny Hardcore Press.

Andre Wheeler Andre-Naquian Wheeler is a 19-year-old Texas native currently studying Journalism at New York University.

Other authors, stories and articles coming soon

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