Six stories, some dark, some comic; some with happy endings, some without; from  favourite authors and a new one; exploring the full range of what it is to be gay-shaded today and in the past.  Enjoy.

Sketch by Scott David

By driving off all companions, Gar is determined to suffer for a dark secret from his past, but a simple sketch book betrays the naked truth.

Bryce Olson is Pregnant by Anel Viz

Hoping for benefits, Russell decides to play along when Bryce Olson gets it into his head that his ex- boyfriend is an alien.

Mullen by Richard Natale

John Bridgewater is on trial for murder. But all he can think of is his love for Mullen, the man he lived with for the past twenty years; the man he killed.

Reality and Imagination by Christopher Jackson-Ash

The author’s study of his ancestry leads to a speculative journey back in time. Are “gay genes” really passed down?

Samaritan by Brian Holliday

His heart broken by the death of his husband, Lucas goes to the carnival and meets a very strange lady.

I am Sidhe, by Nikolaos Thiwerspoon

Trompsburg?  Butthole of the universe.  A tale of cherry liqueur, a vintage Pontiac, and unexpected love.

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